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This site make extensive use of webfonts {@font-face linking}.  Every webfont review is using real webfonts for body text or display samples. Please have a look to the top left corner (beneath the title) of this website. If you see an .woff, .eot, svgz, svgz – supported logo, your web browser it able to render these webfont formats. If you see an period only, your web browser does not have a proper webfont support or the support is disabled.

This site don’t uses direkt linking of desktop font formats like TrueType (.ttf) or OpenType (.otf). So please use a decent web browser!

So far Firefox 3.64 and Chrome 8 performing well. Even an old Internet Explorer 7 will be able to render webfonts.

Safari and Opera have no proper webfont (.woff) support yet. But they will render .ttf and .svg

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